Success Stories

Messages of success from our rescue partners who received CARA member packages


Thank you for the hanging pouches and xxs and xs pouches for the sugar gliders at the Guinea Pig Slave Rescue ! Ashley and Moseley (from package) Susie our sugar glider loves them! ..
Linda, Director

Got my first care package from a gal named "Jen" (if I remember right) and the carry pouch is "Poppy approved!!!❤❤❤❤ I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can not thank you all enough for being so generous and willing to donate such AMAZING items for rehab centers!!❤❤❤


 Big thanks from the Wildlife Rescue League of Northern Virginia to Judy for the hanging 3D pouch, 2 pouches with 8 extra liners and 7 nests!!! It was like hitting the jackpot opening your box! LOL As I mentioned, the rehabilitators will be testing these out and sending pictures back to me when they are in use! Stay tuned for those as it is not baby season just yet, but it will be!!!

Dust Bunny today at Yolo County SPCA placement event with enjoying her cozy bed made by Linda


Sarah, Thank goodness for you and all the crafters! I don’t know if you guys know how much this truly helps. You all are helping the animals just like we are helping them. What you did for me will help me save more animals. Each animal we take in is an out of pocket expense. You just saved me so much money which means I can help more animals. ❤️ What (CARA) has done by bringing all of us together has truly blown my mind. You guys are just as important.

Getting prepared for baby season is exhausting! So much to get ready.. 🍼 can’t thank Susie  enough for the bundles of cage liners, and pouches that arrived today!! They’ll all be occupied incubators soon enough. 🐾


More....! Thank you Kimberly for big box of cage liners, hanging nests, and different sizes of round nests. Messinger Woods Wildlife Care & Education Center is getting spoiled!


Here are the honeycomb hammocks Nicki sent for our blind flying squirrel!! These are all the extra goodies we were not expecting that sent too!

Nickie we got our shipment, all lovely high quality craftsmanship that we look forward to putting to good use! We may have a few more rats coming in so this will keep them comfy during QT. In the meantime here's Hiccup the hammie in a snuggle sack!