90's kids will certainly remember these worry dolls!  

Is your dog your fur child? Do you worry about doing right by them? Let the magic of your companionship grow overnight as you ask this doll to deepen your bond.
Worry Doll is approximately 2 ½ inches tall. Just like the artisan, who has made each doll by hand, each worry doll is unique and will not look identical to the photo. 

The world is a crazy place! We’ve got soothing solutions for what ails. According to traditional Mayan legend, if you tell your worries to a worry doll before going to bed, then place it under your pillow, by morning the doll will have gifted you with wisdom to eliminate your worries.
Each doll is approximately 2 ½” tall.The dog doll is approximately 2” long and 1 ½” tall

Worry Doll -Dog

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