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Do you wish there was a way that you could help Crafters and Artisans for Animals, but don’t craft? Do you wish you could send items to animal rescue groups, but don’t know where to begin?


There is now a way you can help!


CARA sends out Disaster Packages to those rescue groups that are in greatest need or have urgent needs. This can be due to natural disasters, an influx of animals from hoarding situations, for special needs animals, and more. Our members ship handmade items to CARA headquarters specifically for these purposes. Shipping costs are the biggest expense for CARA and it’s members. CARA has a shipping and social fund and we earn funds for it by quarterly fundraising, but we have recently had a lot of people contact us inquiring about how they can do more in between fundraising efforts.


You can now sponsor a package! What does this mean?


By sponsoring a package, you pay for the shipping of an Urgent Needs Package to a rescue. We will do the rest! A CARA note card will be included in the package naming you as a sponsor. You will receive a special thank you for your sponsorship along with a CARA vinyl sticker to show your support!   


Sponsorship comes in 3 tiers.  Help us send a $10 package, a $15 package or a $20 package. 

Sponsor a Package -LG

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Sponsorship
Sponsor a package a month!
$20.00every month until canceled