Monthly Member Project

This projects is an optional project for members who would like a more structured approach.  

Racoon & Snuggle Blanket from Gamehendge

Monthly Member Projects are optional.   The rescues selected for the monthly member project are rescues that have either not received a shipment yet, or have not received a shipment in at least 3 months.


Each month we will focus on rescues with names A-M and N-Z alternating (for example in January it will be A-M rescue names, February will be N-Z).  The rescues entire wishlist will be added to the sign up.  Members can volunteer to make as many items as they would like.  Please commit to getting at least 1 of each item you signed up for done and sent


Don’t feel as though you need to get a million of these items done.  If the month gets away from you and you get 1 done, that is great and you still did something awesome for your rescue.  There are no expectations here. We all do what we can when we can and our rescues appreciate it. 

As always, please let administration know if you need assistance with shipping.

You can find our sign up sheet by clicking this button.