A call was issued around the world for crafters to come together and help the animals of the Australian bushfires.  The call was answered in epic proportions and the needs have now been met.  


But why should we stop there?  There are an estimated 14,000 animal rescues in the US that take in nearly 8 MILLION animals a year.  Many if not most rely solely on donations from their community.

What if crafters and artisans could band together and help rescues, shelters and rehabbers in our own backyard?  That is the philosophy behind Crafters & Artisans for Rescued Animals.  With your help we are sewing, knitting, building and crocheting for the animals.  All items on our pattern list can be requested by a rescue.  Crafters can fill those needs and ship items directly to the rescuer.  With your help we can outfit these rescues with items they desperately need to care for their animals. 

The Animals Need You!

I want to help but where do I start?

Our group is primarily based on Facebook.  Rescuers and Crafters have come together to form a collective group where they can establish communication with each other.  Here we can learn about each other, ask questions and better suit the specific needs of each rescue.  While not a requirement, many rescues have joined our group and their knowledge has become an invaluable resource for our crafters.   

I'm not on Facebook, but still want to help

We'd love to have you!  Members who do not want to join the facebook group can contribute to our rescues by choosing from our approved patterns and sending their items directly to our Director.  From there the items will be distributed and sent to the rescues that requested them. This allows us to have a stockpile of items to send to our rescues, especially when they have an unexpected urgent case come in and need items fast. We are in the process of obtaining a public mailing address, in the meantime please use our contact form to request the address for sending items. 


Please note that all patterns, addresses, rescue information, and other files are SOLELY for the use of CARA.  Many of our patterns were created by CARA members for the benefit of CARA rescue partners, and are not to be used for outside groups or projects.  This pertains to files created by CARA that are not found through google search or pinterest.

Sharing files and/or Rescue Information with other groups is Prohibited.  This is to protect our rescue partners and ensure they are not inundated by too many items and to protect their personal address.

Want to Nominate a Rescue?

We would love to help your favorite rescue.  Feel free to use our pre-written letter to reach out to local rescues in your area.  It gives them an overview of our project and directs them to the website to fill out our Contact form to receive donations.  You are our best resource on finding rescues in your area.

Baby Bunnies in Nest at Freedom First Wildlife

Mama & Baby in Flat Hammock at Evelyn's Wildlife Refuge

Opossum in hammock at Freedom First Wildlife