Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What fabrics/materials should I use:   For a list of materials used for each of our items please click HERE

I am a rescue and want to sign up. How do I do that: Rescues can request donations by filling out our Rescue Contact Form found HERE.  Once submitted we will add you to our rescue list and you will begin receiving donations

Do I need to be a 501c3 to sign up: No, we ask so we can keep track of who is using our services more, but we understand there are 1000's of independent rehabilitators in the United States and Canada.

I need to change my wish list: Rescue wish lists can be changed at anytime by filling out our UPDATED NEEDS FORM, or sending us a message on FB. 

How many items should I send a rescue: Use your judgement.  Our rescues will contact us if they need us to stop sending an item.  Many of these items get destroyed quickly due to animal claws and chewing.  A steady stock is usually appreciated, and many will send overage to another local agency near them. Our spreadsheet will always be updated with current needs.

I have 10 nests can they use them: If the rescue requested nests and it is still highlighted on our spreadsheet, they can use them.  Again, we will update any new changes on our spreadsheet

How do I find where to mail my items: If you are part of our facebook group, you can pick a rescue that asked for the items you created and send them directly to the rescue.  You may also send them to CARA directly and they will be distributed amongst our rescue partners that need them. Until we receive our public PO box address, please message us for the address.

Do I need to wash items before I send:  It will never hurt, but it's not necessary, most rescues will wash items if need be.  Please pre-wash all recycled materials before sewing though. 

Is it ok to recycle/upcycle fabrics like bedsheets:  Yes, please make sure they are clean, washed, free of stains and appropriate materials

How do I nominate a rescue: You can use this pre-written introduction letter and send to any rescues you would like within the US and Canada.  It will direct them to the website and allow them to sign up for donations.

Can I submit a pattern to add to the list: Of course, we are always looking for ways to expand our wish list.  Please submit patterns via our contact form or email.

What size items should I make: Animals come in all shapes and sizes.  From neonatal squirrels to adult possums many of our rescues can use all sizes.  If there is not a specific size requested on the spreadsheet, all sizes are needed.

Why won't they accept yarn items: Unfortunately knitted/crochet items are not always safe for small animals and wildlife.  Their little paws and claws can become entangled in the yarn no matter how tight it is woven.  This could cause some serious injury and even lead to amputation.  We would never want to put our rescue partners in danger.  Don't worry there are many items on our pattern list you can help with.

Do I need to label my items: The only items I request are labeled are the Snugglesafe covers.  We have a printable for this item, all other items may be labeled as you wish.

Why are your files private:  There are a couple of reasons for this rule but most importantly

  • Many of our independent rehabilitators work out of their private home. We want to protect their confidentiality

  • If our rescue needs go viral, we can not control how many items get sent to them.  We never want to hinder or inundate our rescues with uncontrollable items.  

So does that mean your rescues can only receive donations through you:  Absolutely not. If another group would like to reach out to a rescue that is wonderful. It is up to the rescue to decide how many groups they want to work with.


Will you be helping in crisis situations like the one in Australia or Puerto Rico: There are many groups focusing their efforts on natural disaster and crisis situations.  Our goal is to help long term with local rescues.  In the future we may have the opportunity to hook up with rescues in Puerto Rico, but it would be for long term help, not just in crisis situations. 

Can I use patterns other than what's on the approved pattern list:  We ask that if you are considering using another pattern, you message us for approval first.  Over the course of this project we have found many patterns out there that are just not safe.  All our patterns are safety tested by our rescues and modified or adapted to best fit their needs. 

Who covers the cost of shipping:  Shipping costs are the responsibility of the sender (crafter) however we are building resources to offer help where needed.  Please message us if you want to help but need assistance with shipping. 


Rowan the Patagonian Cavy at The Pipsqueakery

Baby Possum in Snuggle Sack (Independent Rehabber Denise)